Terms and Conditions for PANACHE


    These terms and conditions apply to the contest of Polybion and Neurobion Academia for Healthcare Education (PANACHE)  organised by Procter & Gamble Health Limited (PGHL) herein after referred as “the Company” 

    Procedure for Registration and online selection test.


    • Any student/HCP who participates in the Competition and who
      1. is studying in Level…../Grade/Post Graduation in Medical  in the academic year 2019-20;
      2.  is a citizen of India and residing in India
      3.  is of sound mind and health
    • Employees of P&G  group, Exicon (third party agency engaged for this programme )  are  not allowed to participate in this competition.
    • A student/HCP  must enter the Competition on their own behalf and entry(ies) by proxy will not be accepted.
    • Failure to provide required proofs/documents  of eligibility, including the proof of name, address, date of birth within a reasonable time upon request by the Company may result in disqualification. The Company also reserves the right to disqualify a Participant in case a discrepancy is found to exist in the information furnished/provided/stated by the Participant during the conversation with the Company or any of the Company’s sub-contractors and vendors in the Competition, and/or in the information stated in the documents furnished by the Participant.
    •   The Participant(s) represent that he/she has not been accused or convicted or is otherwise involved in any criminal offence and/or is not under inquiry by the police or judiciary which has not been disclosed to the Company in writing.
    • The Participant(s) acknowledges that he/she has voluntarily chosen to participate in the Competition at his / her free-will and is willing to bear all risk, costs & consequences arising from such participation in the Competition
    • If at any time, including after disbursement of any prize, any information submitted by the Participant(s) is found to be incorrect, false, or otherwise misrepresented or misleading, the Participant(s) shall be liable to refund all amounts received from the Company.
    • The Company shall keep all the information collected from the Participants confidential and may share the same with the Third party for the purpose of inviting the Participants, if selected. The Company will ensure that the Participants are contacted by the Company or any third party vendor on behalf of the Company only for the purpose present Competition and all such information collected by the Company/Vendor shall be destroyed at the end of the Competition.
    • TheCompany shall not share the information so collected with any party, save and except for the purpose of the present Competition. The Participants by providing the aforesaid sensitive personal information hereby agree that the company shall have the right to share the information so collected with such other third party for the purpose of Competition only.
    •  The Participant(s) shall at all times keep confidential the selection process and all details regarding the Competition.
    • The Company further reserves the right to replace at its discretion any Participant(s) who for any reason fails or is disqualified from or unable to participate in the Program and / or Competition with another replacement Participant(s), notwithstanding that such replacement Participant(s) may have been previously eliminated from the Competition and each Participant shall agree to participate in the Program and/or Competition as and when required by the Company to do so.
    • At no point of time will the Company/Exicon shall  be obliged to notify unsuccessful Participants of its decision.
    •  In the event that there is a tie between two (or more) Participant(s), the Company shall be entitled to determine in its absolute discretion which Participant(s) is eliminated and/or which Participant(s) goes through to the next round (as appropriate) and for this purpose it shall be entitled to make such arrangements or request such further rounds from the Participants as it in its absolute discretion deems necessary.
    •  No enquiries, appeals, verbal or written, shall be entertained in this regard.
    •  The Company shall not entertain any claims / questions / queries with respect to the authenticity or correctness of any questions and answers for the questions asked in any round of the Competition.
    •  The Company’s decision on the correctness or incorrectness of any answer is final and binding on Participants.
    • All applicable taxes and/or levies applicable on the prize money won by the Participant(s), under the laws of India shall be borne by the Participant(s) in relation to the prize. The payment of prize money to the Winner(s) shall be made after deduction of all applicable taxes and levies and subject to providing the relevant documents as intimated by the Company and will be paid within the time stipulated by the Company. A duly attested copy of the PAN card or other relevant documents are  compulsory to claim the prize money by the participant.
    • The Company reserves the right to amend’s the Rules & Regulations governing the Competition and/or the Participant selection process at its discretion and without prior notice, without assigning any reason for  the same.
    • The Company has the right at any time to terminate the Competition without any prior intimation or notice to the public and also the Company is not obligated in any manner whatsoever to compensate any person or persons who have participated in the Competition and/or accommodate any person or persons who have been selected in the Competition
    •  In case the Winner(s) is found to be in violation of any and all rules/process of the Competition, the Company reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against such person(s) including but not limited to having the concerned winner return the prizes won on the Show together with penalty interest as deemed fit by the Company.
    • This program is open for all medical students across India. It includes all pursuing MBBS, MD, MS, DNB, etc.
    • The winner scholarships will be directly transferred to the institute once the candidate has obtained admission in any higher course. Candidate need to furnish all necessary documents of admission upon request from company
    • The winner reward will not be given to the students directly. It will be issued to the institute of which student is or will get admitted to for higher education.
    • The reward must be used only for the educational purpose only
    • Participants must furnish all the necessary documents, identities asked by the company at any given point of time for the competition
    • Disbursement of winner amount will not be immediate and may take required time as set by the company. Student shall not hold company liable for any delay in processing of this reward which will be issued only after all company formalities are fulfilled.